God in Us

Study Guide

With death just around the corner, Jesus uses his remaining moments to encourage his disciples. His statements about leaving have caused confusion and panic, but Jesus meets them in their fear by promising his everlasting divine presence through the Holy Spirit. The Spirit provides them, and us, a close and constant connection with God—teaching us, leading us in truth, and fueling peace-filled lives marked by loving obedience.
  1. God cares about being close to us, and his gift of sending the Holy Spirit provides a more full and deep connection to himself. Take a moment to reflect on this intentional act of love on your behalf.

  2. The spirit of our time promises contentment if we get what we think we need or if we can maintain what we already have. God’s Spirit promises peace through his presence, in spite of trouble. Which spirit defines your life? How is your life being changed by the Holy Spirit’s presence inside you?

  3. Often we ignore the Holy Spirit, either actively by dismissing his direction or passively by not making time to hear him? Which of these do you most identify with? What does repentance look like for you?

Key Points
  1. God’s gift of his close and constant presence through the Holy Spirit shows his priority to indwell us and provide the power we need to follow him.

  2. Jesus promises a more deep and full connection to God, both here and ultimately in eternity when we are reunited with him and the Father.

  3. A heart that loves God obeys God. A heart motivated by duty will eventually dry up, because the obedience flows from obligation, not desire.

  4. Life change is a marker of a life filled with the Holy Spirit.

  5. The world can bring temporary peace, but only in the absence of trouble. Jesus offers a peace that remains and sustains in spite of trouble.

  6. Jesus knows that all we need is himself. He is sufficient, capable of getting us through and holding us up.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: John 14:15-31