Hated by the World

Study Guide

This passage challenges our tendency to politicize our faith as triumphant over the world. Instead, Jesus tells us to love one another, expect opposition, and embrace the cross when it is given to us. We are not called to fix the brokenness of the world, but to bear humble witness to Jesus’ work in our lives.
  1. Jesus is clear that, as his followers, we should expect opposition and suffering. How can that experience be encouraging and affirming to our faith? Have you ever encountered this?

  2. Have you ever been tempted to engage the world in ways that are defensive or combative? What would it look like to instead, bear humble witness to what Jesus is doing in your life?

Key Points
  • The world is defined as those who reject Jesus—be they religious or pagan. And the world will also oppose those who follow Jesus.

  • Jesus’ moment of greatest glory is his crucifixion, which creates a paradigm for believers. To partner with Jesus in his suffering is to partner with him in glory.

  • Jesus’ revelation to the religious leaders magnifies their guilt. In the same way, the more we reject what Jesus reveals to us, the greater our guilt.

  • Peter warns against taking a principled, judgmental stand towards the world and meddling in their choices. Instead, we are to bear humble witness of Jesus’ work.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: John 15:18-16:4