Embracing the Cross

Study Guide

As Jesus resolutely steps forward into suffering, prepared to embrace the cross for us, Peter remains in the shadows, confused and afraid. However, we can be encouraged that Jesus has made a way for those who fail him most personally to be restored and confess his name with joy.
  1. As believers, we must reflect on these questions—will I follow Jesus when it is costly? Is my faith genuine? One way we can gain assurance is by considering how we are following Jesus in smaller ways. Think about your life in the following areas—are you on mission with Jesus?

    • Baptism
    • Giving/generosity
    • Fear of failure
    • Hospitality
    • Confession of sin

    What does this introspection reveal about your faith, and how can you respond?

Key Points
  • John compares Jesus and Peter in this moment, and they differ in their mission, identity, action, and posture.

  • Because Jesus is clear on his identity and mission, his posture is resolute. He is grounded in the Father’s plan.

  • Like Peter, many of us are far more interested in our rights, acquiring power, and winning the day for our own purposes and comfort.

  • Jesus embraced the cross, and it becomes a paradigm for us—when we identify with Christ in suffering for others, we will share in his glory.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: John 18:15-27