Messiah Proclaimed

Study Guide

As John the Baptist takes the stage, we are prepared for the reality that Jesus will not meet his people’s expectations of the Messiah. But although he will not free them from Roman oppression, his mission is far greater—to free them from death by overcoming the barrier of sin and creating a pathway to God.
  1. Take some time to reflect on all the names and descriptors of Jesus in John 1. What does it look like to receive Jesus in all these different facets? How should this awareness influence our worship?

  2. John’s original audience expected the Messiah to free them from Roman oppression; however, that was not Jesus’ purpose. What expectations do you have of Jesus—how do you think he should impact your life? Do those expectations line up with what Jesus wants to do in your soul?

  3. John the Baptist has no fear in speaking about Jesus, even when his life is at stake. What keeps you from telling others about Jesus?

Key Points
  • John the Baptist brings an important and difficult message, calling people to repent in preparation of the coming Messiah. God intentionally sets the stage for his people to receive Jesus.

  • Jesus does not meet the expectations of the Jewish people, which leads to many rejecting him.

  • In Jesus, God gives us what we need, not what we want. We believe we need something or someone to make our lives better. But Jesus shows us that we need a whole new way of life.

  • When John the Baptist’s disciples leave him to follow Jesus, he knows that God’s mission is more important than his personal role.

  • As Jesus begins to gather his disciples, he shows them his true nature. He is their access to God, the One who connects Heaven and earth.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: John 1:19-51