Messiah Revealed

Study Guide

In this passage, Jesus performs his first miracle. In doing so, he reveals his power and glory as he cares for both his mother and the bridegroom. While the disciples are moved to belief by this display, many are not, hardening their hearts. We also must each contend in our own hearts—who is Jesus to us?
  1. In his first miracle, Jesus reveals his power and glory by caring for others behind the scenes. What does it look like to model your life after his example? Can you think of a time when you saw God work through small, quiet acts of obedience?

  2. Not all who witnessed Jesus’ power were moved to believe. Have you seen the glory of God in the works of Christ and moved and changed as a result? If so, what was that like? If not, what does that reveal about your faith?

Key Points
  • Mary expects Jesus to solve an immediate problem. However, he is clear that not only has the time not yet come for him to reveal himself as Messiah, but that his mission transcends solving earthly problems.

  • While Jesus corrects his mother, he also cares for the bridegroom. For the first time, he reveals his glory and power, and it moves his disciples to belief.

  • The miracle of turning water into wine is symbolic—Jesus uses ceremonial jars that represent the restriction of the law and turns them into a sign of abundance.

  • Jesus’ miracle happens behind the scenes, which creates a paradigm for us as believers. Our obedience in small, quiet places is often where God is at work.

  • The disciples are moved to belief by Jesus’ power, but many are not, including his brothers. The problem is not one of information, but of the heart.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: John 2:1-12