Our Priest and Advocate

Study Guide

After revealing himself as the Son of God during his earthly ministry, Jesus enters a new era of functioning as our priest and advocate—he represents us to the Father. In this passage, Jesus prays that he would glorify the Father, and he intercedes for all who will follow him.
  1. Jesus prays that we would experience oneness with other believers. Have you ever felt a sense of unity, a bond with another believer who was very different from you? What was that like?

  2. Jesus wants us to experience glory with him in eternity. How can the beautiful glimpses of glory we get on earth point us towards eternity?

Key Points
  • Jesus longs for restoration of the relationship he had with the Father before the world began. In the same way, eternal life for us is rooted in having a relationship with God, not simply knowing who he is.

  • The cross is a gateway to the full revelation of God’s glory in Christ.

  • Just as the cross is a turning point for Jesus, so must we come to terms with what it means for us. Death to self and acceptance of Christ is the only way to enduring glory.

  • Before his death, Jesus advocates for his disciples and for us. Jesus now lives forever to intercede on our behalf.

  • We should live together and care for one another in such a way that it is astonishing and compelling to the world around us.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: John 17:1-26