Sorrow Turned to Joy

Study Guide

As Jesus continues to prepare his disciples for the future, he is clear that this world holds trials and sorrow. However, the reality of his Kingship reframes their experience. We also can have hope that in Christ, there is peace and joy that outweighs any sadness.
  1. Take some time to consider your prayer life—how can you grow in this area? Think about both the implications of your current prayer habits and practical steps you can take.

  2. Hardship and heartbreak are inevitable. Have you ever questioned God’s goodness or sovereignty in those moments? How can you find peace even in those hard times?

  3. As believers, our hope is in another world. How can we live in that reality? What does it look like for you to release control and expectations from this world?

Key Points
  • Jesus prepares his disciples for hardship by explaining that their sorrow in this world will be momentary, and their joy with him will be eternal.

  • We are like sheep—easily scattered, fragile, and self-centered. Our natural tendency is to mistrust God when things don’t go well.

  • The only way to have lasting peace in this world is in Christ. We must put our faith in his life, death, and resurrection, and abide in him through prayer.

  • Although the troubles of this world seem overwhelming, Jesus has overcome the world. A day is coming when he will reveal himself as King.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: John 16:16-33