The Hour Has Come

Study Guide

As the Gospel of John turns towards Jesus’ death, both doom and glory pervade the narrative. Jesus grapples with the suffering and wrath he knows will come, yet he has utmost trust in his Father to bring life from death on a scale we cannot even imagine.
  1. Responding to God is time sensitive. In what area of your life is God calling you to respond? What step do you need to take to move towards him in obedience?

  2. Reflect on the reality that Jesus’ soul was in continuous turmoil when he went to the cross for you. How does that shift your perspective?

  3. Fruitful life comes through death to this world. How can you follow Jesus’ example by laying your life down to create new life for others?

Key Points
  • As Jesus turns to face the end of his life on earth, he knows suffering and glory will be intertwined. The path to glory is costly.

  • The way to fruitfulness is death. Jesus calls us to follow him in the pattern of death producing life.

  • When we hold tightly to the things of the world to satisfy our souls, they will be corrupted and flee us. Even good things cannot sustain us.

  • In the face of deep distress and anxiety, Jesus has faith in God’s purposes. His hope for God’s glory empowers him to take the next step of obedience.

  • Satan believes Jesus’ death will be his path to the throne. Ironically, the cross is Jesus’ path to the throne.

  • Some believe in Jesus, and some reject him. Each of us must also respond by accepting him as he offers himself or we have rejected him, whether by choice or indifference.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: John 12:20-50