The True Temple

Study Guide

When Jesus enters the Temple, he exerts his authority, driving out all distractions and corruption. As the true Temple, he is our access to God, the place where intercession is made, and the sacrifice that makes reconciliation possible.
  1. Thinking about Jesus with a whip in hand, overturning tables can be challenging. How does reading this passage affect you? What questions does it raise for you?

  2. Knowing all the information is not as important as responding well to what we do know. Can you think of a time when you had to move in faith even when you didn’t have full understanding of a situation? In what area of your life do you need to obey what you already know without waiting for full understanding?

Key Points
  • When Jesus encounters distraction and even corruption in the Temple, he exerts his authority, driving out the merchants and money changers.

  • Jesus is clear that his priority is God’s people being able to worship and connect with him without distraction.

  • In their entitlement, the religious leaders seek to get Jesus to perform on their terms by asking him to authenticate his authority with a miracle.

  • For a receptive heart, miracles affirm faith. But for one whose heart is hardened, miracles further strengthen that person’s resistance to Jesus.

  • As Jesus reveals himself, we are all given opportunities to humble ourselves and engage him. We are also given opportunities to resist and reject him.

  • Jesus is the true Temple—not only is he our access to God, he is the sacrifice that makes it possible for us to approach God.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: John 2:13-25