From Death to Life

Study Guide

In this passage, Paul addresses one of the great tensions for the believer. While we are dead to sin’s power and alive in Christ, we still live in a fallen world and struggle with sin. Paul encourages believers to engage this idea with hope, choosing to give ourselves to righteous living and resting in the truth that Jesus’ death empowers a journey of life change.
  1. Paul explains that believers are no longer enslaved by sin—it has no power to control us. Consider what does control you. What do you orient your life around? Does a desire, addiction, or other sin dominate your life and dictate your choices?

  2. While we used to be slaves to sin, we are now slaves to righteous living. Does the idea that God is fully in charge of your life resonate with you? Why or why not? In what ways do you still try to maintain control of your life?

  3. Discuss the idea that building a life oriented around righteousness should shape your soul. How should being “enslaved to righteousness” work itself out practically in your life? What steps can you take to move in that direction?

Key Points
  • As believers, we’ve died to sin and are coming alive to a new world in Christ. Like Jesus, we have been raised to life after death, and we have a completely new orientation.

  • However, even though sin has no power over us, we still sin. While this creates tension, we can rest in the truth that Jesus' death on the cross empowers a journey of life change.

  • Considering ourselves dead to sin and alive to God through Jesus is a process. We have to engage this idea in our hearts and take action to work it out in our lives.

  • Many believers are frustrated with their sinful desires. However, we must constantly choose to worship God over ourselves and give ourselves intentionally to righteous living.

  • None of us can have personal sovereignty over our lives. We will either be enslaved to sin and free from God or enslaved to righteous living and free from sin.

  • If we give our hearts, minds, and actions over to righteous living, those choices will in turn shape our souls to become holy.

Scripture: Romans 6:1-23