Gifts and Service

Study Guide

In this passage, Paul urges believers to respond in worship with self-sacrificing obedience to the mercy shown to us through Jesus Christ. Romans 12 calls us to a counter-cultural, changed life—one that is renewed by the truth of Scripture, serves the body of Christ through unique gifts, is devoted to Christ and his church, and faithfully serves the Lord in all things.
  1. Paul explains that presenting our bodies as living sacrifices is an act of worship. What does this mean for believers?

  2. In what ways are you most tempted to conform to the patterns of the world (unholy speech, greed, pride, lying, lust, etc.)? How do the truths in chapters 1-11 about what God has done for you change your perspective on your struggles?

  3. It is vital that we sit under biblical teaching with God’s people, learn how to study the Scriptures on our own, and process and confess sin in community with each other. Which of these is most difficult for you? Which do you need to move towards?

  4. Each member of the body of Christ functioning according to God’s design plays a critical role. Are you aware of your spiritual gifts? How might you be holding back your gifts in service to others? Consider completing the exercises in the attached document to further understand serving the body of Christ with your spiritual gifts.

Key Points
  • When we truly understand the weight of God’s mercy, we should feel an obligation to serve him.

  • We are either copying the customs of the world or letting God transform us by changing the way we think.

  • Unique gifts are given by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of unity and building the body of Christ and are tempered by the needs of the body.

  • We are called not only to use our gifts, but to use them well and to serve gladly. This requires action, intentionality, and humility to best use our gifts in a way that honors God.

Scripture: Romans 12:1-8