God's Covenant Justice

Study Guide

In this passage, Paul reinforces the sinful nature of all humanity. However, he also pivots to the hope we have in Jesus. In his mercy, God has made a way for mankind to be made right with him through faith in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus. We must be willing to abandon our systems of worth and false righteousness and place our faith in Christ alone to receive the saving grace of the gospel.
  1. Consider how you use your words, both in person and online. What do they reveal about the state of your heart? In what ways are you looking for affirmation from others? How can you bring your speech into alignment with a hope rooted in Jesus and nothing else?

  2. Take some time for honest reflection. What in your life makes you feel valuable or worthy (work, accomplishment, control, moralism, wealth, appearance, etc.)? What makes you fearful or anxious? How are you relying on your “system” to be self-sufficient? What steps do you need to take to abandon your own system and rely fully on faith in Jesus?

  3. Many of us are tempted to spend too much time processing and trying to understand all aspects of salvation. How does this detract from faith? How can you trust God and move forward in repentance even without fully processing all your questions?

Key Points
  • Once again, Paul makes it clear that we are all depraved. This reality is evident in our own lives and in the world around us.

  • Like the early Roman church, our speech reveals our sinful hearts. How we use our words exposes where we place our hope.

  • Contrary to what many religious people think, the purpose of the law is not to provide a way to earn salvation. The true purpose of the law is to show us what is already true—that we are inherently sinful, and as a result, we are separated from God.

  • The good news of the gospel is that Jesus is our atonement—his sacrificial death satisfies God’s wrath towards our sin. Through faith in Christ, we can be made right with God.

  • Like all believers throughout history, we can only be saved by faith and faith alone. We must be willing to abandon our sense of righteousness and self-sufficiency in order to place our trust in Christ. We cannot simply add faith to our own system of value.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Romans 3:9-31

Topics: Authority, Self Sufficiency, Words