Sex and Happiness

Sex and Happiness

Scofield Foster

Scofield Foster

Downtown Campus Pastor

The world has merged sex and happiness, telling us that living out our sexual desires will bring identity and fulfillment. However, true life and identity are found within God’s design, and we can trust that because the giver of sex is good, his boundaries are the path to flourishing.

Study Questions


  1. Sex is powerful. It brings human flourishing within God’s good design and destruction when his boundaries are disregarded. How have you seen this truth play out in your life?

  2. We all have sexual brokenness in our lives, whether from our own sin or the wounds of others. If you’ve never brought that brokenness into the light, whom do you need to involve in moving towards healing and holiness?

Key Points

  • It is true that being clear on our identity will bring happiness, but our identity is found in God alone, not in our sexual expression.

  • Surrendering our sinful sexual desires to God is a byproduct of being in a meaningful relationship with him.

  • God receives glory from our sexuality when it aligns with his created purpose. It is a gift that brings unity, strength, and blessing within his boundaries.

  • As believers, our bodies belong to God. Because he loves us, he wants to transform our lives to make us clean and holy.

  • A significant, fulfilling life is greater than sex. God created us to know others and be known in love, which can be accomplished within his design for sex.

Other Scripture References

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