Study Guide

Jesus’ appearance to his followers causes fear, astonishment, confusion, and wonder. Just as Jesus carries his scars in a resurrected body and lets them tell the story of his loving sacrifice, so we too will someday be resurrected, fully part of God’s greater story of redemption.
  1. Jesus invites and expects us to transfer our trust fully to him. In what ways is this challenging for you?

  2. Jesus is convinced that you belong in his story. How open are you to receiving what Jesus has for you?

Key Points
  • As humans, we have strict boundaries like time and death. Jesus is clear that while he transcends these boundaries, he is still both physical and spiritual.

  • When believers live with Christ in eternity, we will have physical bodies and exist in a physical place. Our world will include substance, relationships, and purpose.

  • When Jesus died for us, he made a way for us to be right with him through faith. The resurrection is a declaration to the world that we are right with him.

  • Whether you think you are too good and don’t need redemption, or too bad and beyond God’s reach, the underlying issue is pride.

  • We are born with God’s judgment already on us, but we also have the opportunity to turn from our sins, receive Jesus’ gift of life through faith, and build our lives on him.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Luke 24:36-53