Salt and Light

Study Guide

In this passage, Jesus calls his followers to be salt and light—preserving the world by pointing others to the light of the gospel through our transformative love. This call informs We Choose, our two-year ministry plan which is a strategic way to budget, allocate, discuss, raise, and spend resources in a manner that will help us accomplish the mission God has given us. Check regularly for updates.
  1. To be the “salt of the earth,” we must be in proximity to others. As a church, we are working to engage the community in meaningful ways that promote the gospel. As an individual, what steps do you need to take in order to be salt? Which ministry specifically can you move towards as a volunteer?

  2. As a city on a hill, the church is a living demonstration of the gospel—it represents an entirely unique socio-political system that is different from the world. In what ways does your life need to change in order to reflect this truth? How can you love others in a way that is transformative?

  3. Part of being salt and light is giving financially—you can be a consumer, a casual giver, a reluctant giver, an intentional giver, or a courageous giver. Which of these words describes your attitude towards giving? What step can you take towards being more generous?

Key Points
  • Jesus calls his disciples to be the salt of the earth—this means they should flavor and preserve the world. Likewise, we must be in close proximity to those in need while retaining our distinctiveness as Christians.

  • Further, we must be willing to engage the most complicated problems in our culture. Only then can Jesus’ love transform others through the gospel.

  • Jesus also calls us to be light, a city on a hill. The church should be a living demonstration of the gospel–a unique socio-political system under God’s just and benevolent kingship. This is why we love each other in transformational ways.

  • Through We Choose, our two-year ministry plan, Grace Church has been working to make biblical community accessible to those who need it most.

    • We have spent over three million dollars in ministry over the past two years. This includes re:generation, GriefShare, DivorceCare, re|engage, Mosaic, Senior Honor, Same Sex Attraction Parental Support, and Family Grace.
    • We have also partnered with local organizations that are already working skillfully in areas of the community that are facing great need. We have contributed over 100,000 dollars to partnering with Project Hope, Jasmine Road, DSS, Homes of Hope, JUMPSTART, and others.
  • God has blessed us with abundant resources, and as a church, we pray that he would continue to extend our reach into the community for his glory. Check for regular ministry updates.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Matthew 5:13-16

Topics: Courageously Generous, Generosity, Local Church