Preserved for a Purpose

Study Guide

Paul sets sail for Rome, weathers a dangerous storm, and is eventually shipwrecked. However, because God’s favor is upon him, that blessing extends to all who are with him, and all 276 lives are saved. Paul's faithful presence is a light, anchor, and conduit of blessing to those around him.
  1. Hospitality is a marker of Christianity. Can you think of a time when a fellow believer’s hospitality encouraged you in your faith? How can you take steps to grow in showing biblical hospitality towards others?

  2. Even though Paul is in difficult circumstances, God’s grace and favor are still at work in his life, and that blessing extends to those around him. How have you experienced this in your life? When have you been encouraged by another believer’s faith in the face of hardship?

  3. We often look for meaning in activity or achievement, but those things will fail us eventually and leave us disoriented. What are you looking to for meaning in life? What does it look like for you to trust God for direction, protection, and provision?

Key Points
  • Paul embarks on what will be a long and dangerous journey to Rome. However, God’s favor is on him, and his grace extends to all those around Paul.

  • Along the way, Paul is encouraged by fellow believers who show hospitality towards him. So should our fellowship with other Christians be marked by biblical hospitality and care.

  • Circumstances do not determine whether or not we are in God’s good graces. Often, God demonstrates his power to others through our faith during difficult times.

  • When all hope seems to be gone for those on the ship, Paul is able to be a conduit of hope—sharing that God’s rescue and protection will carry them through the storm.

  • As Christ-followers, we are also instruments of God’s blessing and salvation to others. We can be people of stability and anchor those around us to God’s truth.

  • We tend to live disoriented lives, but through trusting God fully, we can discern his direction for us and direct our energy towards his mission.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Acts 27