The Lions' Den

Study Guide

In this dramatic passage, Daniel is targeted and his life is at stake. Because Daniel has cultivated a heart of trust in the living God, he remains steadfast in a difficult circumstance. And ultimately, Daniel’s loyalty is used by God to advance his Kingdom and make his name great.
  1. Because Daniel has spiritual practice and discipline in his life, it’s natural for him to turn to God in a difficult situation. What steps do you need to take to build spiritual structure and rhythms into your life?

  2. While we may not be asked to bow down to a statue or pray to a king, our internal idols of safety, status, significance, and comfort are the same. As believers, why is it important for us to identify these internal idols? What idols do you tend to worship most?

  3. Daniel’s defining characteristic is trust in God—he is confident in God’s ability to rescue him. Consider whether or not you are secure enough in God’s character to forgive others, walk away from something desirable, or step into a hard situation. Do we live with that kind of hope and trust on a daily basis?

Key Points
  • Daniel’s commitment to God makes his behavior so predictable that it’s easy for others to use it against him. We should also be known by our loyalty and faith.

  • Hard times reveal our character. Daniel has spiritual discipline and practice built into his life, so it’s automatic for him to trust God in a difficult situation.

  • When an earthly authority tells us to disobey God, we should obey God and live with the consequences.

  • Even though the king appears powerful, only God can rescue Daniel from the lions’ den. And Daniel is able to forgive the king because he knows God is ultimately in control.

  • External idols look different depending on time and culture, but the internal idols of safety, status, power, and comfort are timeless.

  • We serve a God who rescues, and that hope should bolster our hearts to live with strength and security as we advance God’s Kingdom.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Daniel 6:1-28