The Vision of the Ram and the Goat

Study Guide

In the face of another prophetic vision, Daniel is troubled, confused, and terrified. Prophecy was challenging for Daniel, and it continues to be challenging for us. However, even though we know that difficulty lies ahead, we can hold firmly to our faith and the promise that Jesus offers us hope beyond this world.
  1. While most of us have been blessed to live in a country where we are not oppressed, the Bible tells us that will not always be the case. What is your response to this reality? How can you orient your heart and mind to set your hope on Jesus and not in earthly stability?

  2. Knowing that hard days are ahead, we can stand firm in our faith because of what Jesus has done for us. How does the gospel offer you comfort and hope? In light of this passage, what urgency should you feel to share the gospel with those around you?

Key Points
  • Daniel has another confusing and terrifying vision of the future. Just as he cannot understand all that God is showing him, so we also have to humble ourselves and realize there are things we cannot comprehend.

  • The nature of prophecy is obscure. Because we are limited by our human nature, we will not always have clarity about what is coming.

  • For both Daniel and us, hard times lie ahead—falling kingdoms, evil and oppressive rulers, persecution, and instability.

  • As believers, this world is not our home. Jesus came to give us hope beyond this world, and through faith in him, we can be confident in an eternal future with him.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Daniel 8:1-27