The Work of the Holy Spirit

Study Guide

As the disciples face the loss of Jesus, he assures them something better is coming. The Holy Spirit will live in them—providing conviction, clarity, guidance, and discernment. As believers, we can also rejoice in the comfort of God’s presence in our hearts.
  1. When we face uncertainty or a loss of control, our natural inclination is to ask God why. Reflect on what it would be like, instead, to ask God what he is teaching you in those moments.

  2. Practicing spiritual disciplines can help us detach from the blurriness of the world and focus on listening to the Holy Spirit. How can you grow in this area? What specific steps do you need to take?

  3. Sometimes, we cannot hear the Holy’s Spirit’s voice because we are clinging to something in this world. Is there any area of your life where you are being prompted to release something to God?

Key Points
  1. It is difficult for the disciples to grasp that something better will come when Jesus leaves them. In the same way, our own self-concern can blind us to what Jesus is doing.

  2. The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, brings clarity to Jesus’ righteousness for us, and warns of coming judgment.

  3. The world’s greatest sin is not believing in Jesus—deciding to reject or accept him is the biggest decision of our lives.

  4. When the Holy Spirit convicts, he also guides us by bringing us into alignment with the Truth. We can rest in the promise that he will continue to guide us.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: John 16:5-15