Main Character Syndrome

John 3:26-30

Main Character Syndrome

Scofield Foster

Scofield Foster

Downtown Campus Pastor

Main character syndrome says our meaning comes from within, and our identity is found when we perform and express our inner desires for others to affirm. But the song of the creature is that true significance and freedom come from playing a meaningful, supportive role in God’s story, not our own.

Study Questions


  1. What is your brand of main character syndrome? Do you tend to self-protect by avoiding discomfort or do you self-promote by maximizing meaning through performance?

  2. God created us to play a meaningful role in his greater story of bringing life and love to the world. What does it look like for you to sing a better song in such a way that you draw others into God’s story?

Key Points

  • An unhealthy focus on self and the ability to create our own meaning causes pressure and anxiety. We were not created to be the main character.

  • When we live as the main character, we are threatened by the success of others, unable to celebrate and participate in the glory God is working in a greater story.

  • John the Baptist exemplifies what it looks like to live a significant life, not a self-centered life.

  • Even as the main character, Jesus emptied himself of glory, privilege, and comfort so that life could flow into the world. We are called to model our lives after him.

  • Embracing the creature’s song brings freedom through self-forgetfulness, contentment in God’s provision, celebration of others’ successes, and participation in something bigger than ourselves.

Other Scripture References

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