God's Word

Psalm 119

God's Word

Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor

Pelham Discipleship & Groups; Central Care & Recovery

In this psalm, the author focuses on the life-giving nature of God’s Word. Studying the Bible and aligning our lives with truth is integral to being transformed into the image of Christ. Indeed, the Bible is our primary path towards knowing the heart of God.

Study Questions


  1. Consider the ideas of being familiar with, understanding, and aligning your life with God’s Word. Which area do you most need to grow in? What is a practical first step you can take?

  2. What typically keeps you from studying the Bible consistently? What does that reveal about your heart?

Key Points

  • The Bible was not written to us, but it was written for us. It tells us about who God is, and it exposes the areas of our lives that need to be transformed.

  • We all have a propensity to deceive ourselves, which is why we need the objective truth of the Scripture to help us navigate life.

  • Becoming intimately familiar with God’s Word takes time, practice, repetition, and commitment.

  • Understanding the context of the Bible takes work. We should invest in studying the time and culture of Scripture’s original audience.

  • Repentance is key in aligning ourselves with God’s Word. If we truly believe it is the source of life, then we will orient our lives around it.

Other Scripture References

John 17:3

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