Grace Institute

Grace Institute serves to equip believers with a biblical framework for navigating cultural challenges, life seasons, and other relevant topics. We believe grounding our worldview in Scripture enables us to better lead ourselves and our families well and disciple one another with the end goal of life change.

Grace Institute

Scripture and Journal

A Biblical Perspective on Race

The first step to learning how to address any situation is understanding how you got there. Race has always been a big issue in America, …

African American Experience Banner

The African American Experience

As part of our ongoing effort to equip our members to live biblically in our community, we hosted a class on the African American experience …

Dating Better

Dating Better

Are you in a dating relationship or one day hope to be? Dating Better helps us think about how to date in a healthy, God-honoring …

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A Call to Pray and Fast

A Call to Pray & Fast is a six-week initiative calling believers to set aside one day a week to pray and fast in community. …

Race, Justice and the Scriptures

Race, Justice, & the Scriptures

The conversation surrounding race and justice is complex, emotionally loaded, and confusing to navigate. The loudest voices are often the most extreme and can make …