Interview with Bernard Kabaru (Kenya) - Part 2


In this episode, we continue our interview with Bernard Kabaru and Ryan Burns as they explain how our medical teams help our partners in Kenya build credibility for their local churches. Scott also sits down with Chris Stalnaker, who recently returned from a mission trip to Kenya. She shares how this mission trip taught her to abide more in the Lord and value being part of the global church.


  • Our teams from Grace Church provide medical care to communities in Kenya, which lends credibility for the local churches there to spread the gospel.
  • We are also able to provide medical care to pastors in Kenya, which allows them to continue serving their local congregations over the course of many years.
  • There is much to be hopeful for in the future of this partnership because investing in personal discipleship leads to a pattern of life change for generations.


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Scripture - 1 Timothy 6, John 15:5

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