A Message of Reconciliation

Study Guide

What is our mission and why? Paul answers this important question by unpacking the gospel. As believers, we should be motivated by both the fear of God and the love of Christ. Only when we fully grasp these truths can we be effective ambassadors of Jesus, pointing others towards the gospel as the only path to reconciliation with God.
  1. The nature of the gospel is transformative. What are some of the significant life and character transformations you’ve experienced as a result of the gospel?

  2. What do you think of when you hear the phrase “fear of God”? What is the biblical truth around this idea?

  3. When we are controlled by Christ’s love, we will put the spiritual growth of others above our own comfort. What does that look like practically for you? What else in your life is competing for control (job, approval, children, security)?

  4. How would you explain the message of reconciliation through Christ to someone? What can you do to be a more effective ambassador of Christ in this world?

Key Points
  • With the future day of judgment in mind, Paul explains that he is motivated by the fear of God to share the gospel.

  • Likewise, we should be more compelled by the fear of God than the need for man’s approval as we speak truth to those around us.

  • We should also be gripped by the love of Christ. Just as Jesus put our need for salvation before his own status, so we should put the need for others to know the reconciliation of Christ before our own comfort.

  • Living sacrificially does not grant us salvation, but it does demonstrate where our faith is.

  • We are a renewed humanity—God is forming us in Christ through his Spirit. We should curate and develop our new lives in alignment with our status as sons and daughters of Christ.

  • As ambassadors of Christ, our mission is to reconcile others to God just as Christ reconciled us by his sacrifice.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:11-6:2

Topics: Fear Of God, Gospel, Mission