Overcoming Anger through Community in the Local Church

“Anger was a part of my DNA. It’s not an excuse that—it’s just, I didn’t know anything else. . . . I’ve had some good counsel and people speaking into my life. Community has been probably the most important thing. I still deal with anger. I still work through it. . . . . It’s really God’s healing that he’s been able to help me understand forgiveness, release bitterness toward my wife, my daughter, my family, people who have hurt me in the past, people who I’ve been offended by. . . . I couldn’t do for me what God did for me. . . He gave me himself, and himself is enough. He’s enough.”

Scripture: Romans 6:7, Romans 6:14, 1 Peter 1:8

Topics: Anger, Bitterness, Marriage, Repentance