A Watershed Moment

Study Guide

In this passage, the Jews continue to reject Jesus. His claim to be the Son of God is too disruptive—they refuse to accept the truth of his identity. As Jesus reveals and offers himself to us, we will also face watershed moments where we must choose to either accept or reject him.
  1. In order to hear the Shepherd’s voice, we need space from distractions and a felt need for his guidance. What are some ways you can create space in your life to seek God’s direction? What does it look like to live in such a way that you need his voice?

  2. Faith is courageous movement born out of trust in Jesus. In what area of your life do you need to move in faith (addiction, finances, hidden sin, family leadership, etc.)?

  3. When Jesus reveals and offers himself, it creates a watershed moment—you must either accept or reject him. How have you seen this happen in both big and small ways throughout your life?

  4. Consider the truth that as a believer, you are safe in the Father’s hands. How should this shape the way you live?

Key Points
  • As Jesus offers himself to the Jews, they continue to reject him. The dark reality is that their opportunities to follow Jesus are diminishing.

  • There is an intimate connection between the Shepherd and his sheep—they follow him because they know and trust his voice. Likewise, the Shepherd knows his sheep.

  • Jesus offers us life that is both eternal and abundant. It may be different from what we imagine, but it will be stronger, better, and truer.

  • Because God has given believers to Jesus, nobody can take us from his hand. We can rest and have peace in his strength.

  • When Jesus offers himself, it creates a watershed moment. We must choose either to accept or reject him. This happens in both big and small ways throughout life.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: John 10:22-42