Receiving Jesus

Study Guide

The crowd following Jesus grows; however, they seek his power to fulfill their own agenda. In contrast, the disciples simply want to be with Jesus, and they are willing to work alongside him and wait for him. We also must be willing to receive Jesus as he offers himself, and we can rest in the truth that he has come to give us life.
  1. The crowd misses Jesus because they have definitive expectations they want him to fulfill. Can you think of a time when you experienced an unmet expectation (in marriage, parenting, work, etc.) and questioned God as a result? What does that reveal about the nature of your expectations?

  2. What does it look like for a believer to be operational in the field with Jesus—to be working and loving people? What are some specific ways you can grow in this area?

  3. To be his disciples, we must receive Jesus as he offers himself. This means he often calls us to obey without understanding. Have you ever had to do that? How did it affect your faith? Why is this so difficult?

Key Points
  • The crowd is drawn to Jesus because of his miracles. However, they are blinded by their own expectations and reliant on their own power, so they miss Jesus.

  • Jesus’ hiding from the crowd is a kindness. The worst thing that can happen to someone blinded by their own “truth” is to get what they want and realize it is not enough.

  • In contrast, the disciples simply desire to be with Jesus for who he is. They are operational, working in the field alongside him. It is important for us to serve on Jesus’ terms and not our own.

  • Life as a disciple includes obedience without understanding and waiting on Jesus. We must receive Jesus as he offers himself, not as we want him to be.

  • There will be times when we feel alone, but when we struggle through those fears and receive Jesus on his terms, he will act on our behalf.

  • Jesus is worthy of our trust because he is vulnerable for our sakes and patient with our limitations. We can trust that he is coming for us.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: John 6:1-21